Random Beauty Finds: Lush’s “Dark Angels” Cleanser

dark angels

So I haven’t been in Lush for a while, so while I was at the mall i decided to check it out again. I’ve seen some Lush products on other blogs, however I couldn’t remember what products I saw so focused on my one ingredient that’s my skincare fave, CHARCOAL!

Introducing…Lush’s, “Dark Angels” facial cleanser. this cleanser contains charcoal and black sugar to help exfoliate and brighten the skin and absorb excess oils. Although I don’t have very acne-prone skin or oily skin, since I do wear makeup several times a week and sometimes get oily in my “T-zone” area, I really enjoyed this product.

Its blend of vitamin enriched cold-pressed organic avocado oil helps to nourish skin leaving it hydrated and soft while its rhassoul mud base helps to prevent breakouts.

Have sensitive skin? That’s ok b/c its soft and soothing enough to not cause irritation or any redness. I’ve tried things with black sugar before and it seemed a little harsh but this isn’t

Another great thing is your don’t need use a lot. I used about a nickel sized amount and added water. It sort of turns into a mud constancy and I just apply to my face and rinse. But remember, it is preservative free so make sure you use it up by it’s expiration date!

If you’re looking for a no-sudded everyday charcoal cleanser, then this is for you!


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