My Favorite Brushes in the World…Sigma Brushes!!

If you’re really into makeup, investing in good brushes make the world of difference.

It may not seem important, but a good quality brush lasts longer and feels better. I admit, there are some expensive brushes out there. I’m not the type of person to pay more than $20 on a single brush unless it’s something I really need and like.

My mom and I were doing some research one day and came across some great reviews on brushes by Sigma Beauty Brushes.

For Christmas, my mom bought me the “Essential Kit” which contains brushes needed for a basic full face look. It was sent to me right on time and it included a free blending brush as a gift. I was SUPER addicted  to these brushes due to how they felt with their exclusive synthetic fibers, SigmaTech and Sigmax.

**NOTE: Since first purchasing this kit, a couple brushes have been added to this kit. So mine in the picture is the first edition of this kit and looks different from on Sigma’s site.**

Another thing I look for with brushes is shedding. There’s nothing worse than spending money on brushes and after a couple uses the bristles start shedding. However, with these I saw minimal to no shedding after washing them.

The brush head is bonded pretty well with the handle so I also haven’t experienced any loosening of the handle. I’ve had this set for almost 2 years and I absolutely loved them and recommended them to everyone.

This led me to buy my next kit called the “Premium Kit”. This kits is a little more advanced in brushes than the “Essentials kit” with 15 brushes for face, eyes and lips. It also came in a nice book-like carrier.

I loved these brushes so much that I suggested my boss carry them in here makeup boutique store and she  now loves them as well.

Basically, when it comes to makeup brushes I like to invest in good ones because I know I’ll get more use out of them for a while. Also when it’s important to do your own research. If you’re looking to buy some good quality brushes to have for a while, then Sigma Beauty Brushes are your go to.



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