Top 5 Beauty Products of the Month: October


IMG_4361Meet on of my FAVORITE face washes of all time. I was first introduced Soap&Glory a year ago as a sample of this facial wash from Sephora and I became hooked. The bad part was that I couldn’t find the product anywhere. It wasn’t even sold on their site. Months later, I went to Sephora a found it in a pretty nice sized bottle. Yes I know, $25 for a facial wash, but it was so worth it to me.

This product makes my skin feel so clean, fresh and doesn’t strip or dry out my skin. It contains little micro beads with natural Superfruit that help wake up the skin. But there’s a catch…good luck finding this product. I recently read that this line is no longer carried at Sephora. Instead, the line is being carried at Ulta and it looks like the prices were lowered on the products however this item isn’t in stores yet. This is great because more people will be able to afford it. On Soap & Glory’s site, the price of this facial is now $15. When it is available again, I definitely recommend you try it.



IMG_4360I’m a lipstick type of girl ,so I was very excited to purchase these. I purchased, “Stone Fox”, “Soft Spoken”, “Sandstorm”, “Amethyst”, “Sway”, “Vintage” and “Tea & Cookies”. I really loved the feel and the texture but I noticed that they do start wet and the take a couple minutes to dry matte. Also, it seems like the lighter shades leave a streaky finish at first. Either way, I still love them because they are really pigmented and feel going gone my lips without drying them.

Below I made a color swatch of the ones I purchased. You can purchase these from NYX Cosmetics website or Ulta.


IMG_4357I never bought a loose eyeshadow from a drugstore until now. L’Oréal says that it’s 24 hr but I haven’t really tested to see if it’s really 24 hr but it does have a nice staying power. It’s waterproof, crease and fade resistant. It’s pretty pigmented and the formula is more like a cream powder texture. Not to loose but not solid. I also prefer using a primer with it for better hold.



For me, I didn’t like using this Deva Curl conditioner as a detangler because it didn’t have enough slip for me but I have been using it as a co-wash and sometimes a leave-in. This conditioner smells so fresh and makes my hair feel so soft. I do suggest that if you haven’t tried this product, to buy the travel size version first. In 3 sizes and I bought the middle one that’s $19.95 which is still pricy for a conditioner. Although it was nice, I won’t be adding it as a permanent part of my regiment.


IMG_4358I’m currently a fan a having dewy looking skin. So when I took a usual trip to the drugstore and saw this Maybelline product, I picked it up quick. Plus, I was already looking for a new foundation. I really like this product due to it’s coverage and how I was able to match it to my skin perfectly. It say that this matches all shades but it’s the only drugstore foundation that gets it close. This foundation is great for dry skin. I normally don’t have dry skin but with temperatures dropping, I like to make sure that my skin is hydrated. It also is also oil free and contains SPF 18 to help protect against not only the sun but also harsh elements on the skin like wind.


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