“Erica’s Table of 20” Inspires and Connects Professionals of Atlanta

My favorite thing about living in Atlanta so far is that there’s so much support. Especially for African-American women.


Me with Erica Dias at her “Table of 20” event.

On Sunday, I attended entrepreneur and PR extraordinaire, Erica Dias‘ “Table of 20” event with special guest and CBS 46 Atlanta anchor, Sharon Reed.


With all the networking events in Atlanta, this one took the cake due to its intimacy and diversity. It was all about men and women of all ages in one room hoping to inspire one another.

Attendees were greeted with gift bags containing goodies from sponsors like Naturally Fly, Bon Glaze, DESTINY Mascato and more. The afternoon was filled with great conversation over delicious drinks by @JusTiniCocktails and lunch from Neiman Marcus Cafe.

During the afternoon, each person in the room shared their stories of struggle and reaching success.

While still being new to the Atlanta area, being surrounding by men and women who were willing to take risks to see themselves succeed and live their dreams was inspiring. The conversation even got emotional at one point with a woman sharing her truth on learning to trust herself and her marriage  when it came to her deciding leave her 9 to 5 to start a new business together.


CBS 46 anchor, Sharon Reed sharing her views on the broadcasting industry.

Sharon Reed was the highlight of my afternoon. To go from watching her when I was younger as a reporter in Cleveland to now being face to face with her was sort of surreal. She was one of my inspirations when I first started to pursue my broadcasting career when I first started college. Being able to hear another Reed express how much she appreciates support from other women and making sure that women stick together meant a lot. It reinforces the fact that women deserve way more credit than what we actually get .


Being in a room full of so many entrepreneurs definitely has me thinking of things I want to pursue in the future.

One of my biggest fears of when I moved to Atlanta was that I would have a hard time meeting new people and being able to express my vision to others. The crazy thing is that I learned so much from people I just met in a couple hours compared to people I’ve know way longer. I sat with people who embraced who I was, what I was doing and where I wanted to be.

I learned… that it’s completely fine to take risks. Many may not understand or appreciate it but if it’s what make you happy, have faith and do it.

This is an event I would recommend for others and attend again.

Check out some pictures below from the event!




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